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July 19, 2010

Mediterranean vacation starts in Greece/Or my Summer Vacation plan for 2011

Trip plan for 2 weeks to Greece, Italy, France and Spain 2011 - Travel Muse. This summer I decided to stay in Canada; however for the next summer 2011 I have a great plan. I am going to Europe or its Mediterranean part. I am going to spend 3 days in Athens, Greece; 3 days in Rome, Italy plus visiting Vatican; then 4 days in France: 3 in Paris and one day at Versailles; and finally 4 days at Barcelona, Spain. Travel Muse is a perfect website where you can plan any trip from choosing countries, cities, flights, hotels, attractions, restaurants and etc.Check out TtravelMuse.com to see my itinerary or create your own perfect vacation.

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  1. So lucky are you ! I hope I can do the same or at least, spend some days in Cuba this winter! To forget the snow for a while! :p